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HOWTO: Import NTUSER.DAT and other registry files to temp key.

23/07/2010 2 comments

How to view registry from another pc? Its easy. Just copy DAT files from Windows\System32\Config or NTUSER.DAT from Documents and Settings\username and use that command:

reg.exe load HKLM\TmpHive c:\dir\NTUSER.DAT

Now you are able to view loaded DAT file via regedit.

To unload do:

reg.exe unload HKLM\TmpHive

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First steps… Looking for perfect IDE

19/07/2010 2 comments

Some time ago I need to write application that will run every 15 min and get information about how many pages was printed on network printers (OKI B6250 and Konica Minolta 7333). I had experience in Delphi but i wanna do this in free IDE. Obviously Lazarus is not enough for me…

So i decided to use NetBeans with C++. Unfortunately my experience and knowledge in C was very poor… So after using google, trying to do something alone, I decided write it in well known for me – PHP… It’s not perfect choice but acceptable for that project.  Also I don’t wanna waste my time with project in C without basic knowledge of that language. So I decide, that C++ need wait for better time.

Hurray! Now Im starting learn C++ also I had a books (never use it before – so this is quite new for me :))

The first question was, “what IDE?”. I know Borland had sometime his C++ IDE but this was not free. Im looking for free, user-friendly environment. As I said before I choice NetBeans with C++ (MinGW) and I hope its a good choice.

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HOWTO: uncompress tar.gz2 files

19/07/2010 Leave a comment

I always forget…

tar jxvf file.tar.bz2

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