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Log In to an Expired Windows XP

26/06/2011 Leave a comment

We need reset XP trial.

In Safe mode type:

rundll32.exe syssetup,SetupOobeBnk

This can be done 4 times.

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HTC Touch Diamond hardware spec

14/06/2011 Leave a comment

hwinfo dump from rhobuntu
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How to download files from premium with wget

12/06/2011 18 comments

First we need to get cookie. We can use curl for that:

curl --cookie-jar cookies.txt --data "" --data "redirect=%2F" --data "password=supersecretpassword"

Now our login information is stored in cookies.txt. To use it with wget, we need to type this command:

wget -c --load-cookies cookies.txt

If we would like to continue downloading our file we need to point wget to save file with specified name:

wget -c --load-cookies cookies.txt -O our.filename.rar
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Its time to start HS Project

01/06/2011 Leave a comment

Some time ago I bought Neoware client. The main reason to do that was create light power consumption server in my home. I have added a sata controller on PCI, covers for sata hdd, two fans powered from usb and A4tech webcam connected to usb. There is 250Gb sata drive inside with Debian 6.0 as a OS.

HS Project* looks prety nice in my wardrob 🙂

For now there is only few useful services:

– minidlna, for pictures/movies sharing over my home network (for TV)

– motion, for motion detection from webcam.  It record everyone who came to my flat.

– openvpn, for access my server from outside.

In the future I plan to create a thermometer based on DS1820 (1-wire). It will check temp from 4 receivers  (two inside and two outside) every some time and log it to mysql database. I hope I will get some nice graphs with it:)

Also there is a idea to move cam outside the door to see whats happen on staircase.

*HS Project – Home Server Project

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