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How to manully call via fax/modem in AIX

28/01/2012 Leave a comment

We can use heyes AT commands set for manually dial a number to us. For this we need to use cu command, but before that we need add the following line to /usr/lib/uucp/Devices file:

Direct tty# - Any direct

where # – is a port number.

Then be sure that tty# is not in use, run following command:

pdisable tty#

Now we can try to dial a number, lets connect to fax/modem:

cu -ml tty#

Now type AT and hit enter to check if we are in right tty# port, if you recived OK – everything is fine. Now type:


where AT is a command that always precedes a command,
D – dial
T – tone dial
004858xxxxxx – phone number

If you get call signal, everything should be ok.

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